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Get ready for a change!

How to feel sexy in big knickers will;

Help you to get rid of your negative beliefs about your post-baby body

Get you feeling amazing about yourself

Help you to build confidence and self esteem

Give you the support, advice and encouragement you need to shift your mindset and feel fab

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  One of the biggest incentives for me to finally learn to love my body was that I have two daughters. They are both beautiful and amazing in every way. So the thought of them hating themselves even for a moment breaks my heart. I want them to grow up knowing they are...

How instagram is destroying my body confidence

  I've been writing about body positivity for nearly a year. And I love it! But recently I've noticed that my own body confidence has started to drop off again. At first I couldn't quite work out what was going on. I thought I'd overcome all of my body issues so to...

How to trust that your partner loves your body now it’s changed

Yesterday a thought hit me. My Instagram followers are more familiar with the way my body looks after having a baby than my husband is. I'm happy to post photos of my baby belly and me in my underwear on my Instagram feed. But would I stand willingly in front of my...

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