10 easy steps to loving your post-baby body


A must for every mum! This guide is short, punchy and packed full of advice on how to love your body after a baby. In just 10 easy steps you’ll be able to learn how to feel positive about your body after a baby and love the new you. No exercise or dieting required!

With lots of fabulous practical advice, actions to take and reflective questions to get you really shifting your negative beliefs about your body, this book will give you everything you need to be body positive after pregnancy.

Find out how to heal your body image issues, why you need to look at the bigger picture and how to create long lasting positive beliefs about your body. You will also learn how to stop your negative thinking and ways in which you can accept your body after a baby.

Easy to read, simple to follow but phenomenally powerful in helping you to change how you feel about your body. You can pick one or two steps at first or dive right in and go for all 10! This book is the guide you need to read if you are struggling to accept your post-baby body.



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