Love your post-baby body workbook


This workbook is a must for any mum who is struggling with her post-baby body! It’s packed full of advice, actions and techniques you can use to feel confident, happy and sexy in your body now that you’ve had a baby.


You’ll be able to;

    • Understand why you feel the way you do about your body
    • Dig deep into where the pressure to change things comes from
    • Learn how you can shift negative thoughts about yourself and replace them with positive ones
    • Learn how you can feel confident, amazing and sexy in whatever it is you are wearing (especially big knickers!)
    • Love every part of your post-baby body and embrace the way you look now


There are four modules, broken down into easy to digest sections that give you all the information you need in a simple understandable format. You’ll get worksheets to help you apply what you are learning and to find the practical actions you can take today to feel better about your body.


What does the workbook cover?


The workbook covers four areas;

Understanding the way you feel

    • Learning where your beliefs about your body have come from
    • Exploring your relationship with your body and digging deep into how you feel
    • Understanding what else might be going on and affecting how you feel about yourself

Understanding what’s influencing you

    • Identifying what might be influencing you and how you feel about your body
    • Building resilience to the toxic messages and influences around you
    • Learning why it’s OK to just be you and embrace the body you have

Tools and techniques to change the way you feel

    • Learning to create positive beliefs and get rid of negative ones
    • Understanding how you can embrace your body, love who you are and feel sexy again
    • Exploring the importance of letting go of the past and move forward to a healthier relationship with your body

How you can feel great about your post-baby body

    • Using affirmations and visualisation to build confidence, feel positive and love your body
    • How to show yourself compassion and learn acceptance
    • Finding ways to make yourself feel fabulous


This workbook will help you learn;

    • Where the negative messages you have about your post-body have come from
    • How you can let go of these messages and feel free to just be yourself
    • How you can change your negative thinking into positive feelings
    • What you can do to feel great about your post-baby body
    • How you can build body confidence to last a lifetime


If you want to love your post-baby body then this workbook will get you there. It has everything you could ever need to understand what’s stopping you from feeling fab and create the positive beliefs that will mean you feel amazing about your post-baby body!



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