If you’ve had a baby chances are you’re worrying about getting your pre-baby body back. You might be seeing articles on baby sites about how to lose the baby weight easily. Or perhaps ‘inspiring’ pins on Pinterest telling you that you just need to do x/y/z to get a fabulous ‘don’t look like you’ve had a baby’ body. There might be an expectation from those close to you that you are going to try to lose the weight and tone up. Perhaps the other mums you know all talk about getting their figure back after a baby.


There are so many messages about how you can lose weight quickly or tone up that it’s hard to feel good about your post-baby body (you can read about this in my post on 5 things that pressure mums to hate their post-baby body). And obviously as a new mum you have nothing more important going on than getting your pre-baby body back.


But here’s the secret no one tells you.


It ain’t going to happen.


Sorry but there it is. The blunt, honest truth. You can lose as much weight as you like but you won’t get rid of stretch marks. You will end up with loose skin. The veins on your legs might not disappear. Your boobs are unlikely to be as pert or as high as they were.


But that’s more than OK!!!!!!!


We have a fascination with erasing any sign that we’ve given birth but it’s just not possible. Because our bodies have done something absolutely incredible. And you can’t do that without leaving behind some changes.


The big problem with getting your pre-baby body back isn’t about your diet or exercise regime. It’s that you expect to get it back in the first place. We’re sold a lie when fitness guru’s tell us on YouTube that they can show us how to get our pre-baby body back. We can get a fit body after a baby yes, but not our pre-baby body.


So let’s start changing the way we talk about this.


Let’s stop telling mums that they should be working on getting a pre-baby body back. I want every new mum to know that her pre-baby body has gone but that her post-baby body is perfect! We need to tell new mums that they don’t need to worry about their body. They shouldn’t be planning how they are going to exercise as soon as their baby is born (or before if they are like me). It shouldn’t be a priority to lose weight whilst breastfeeding. That shit is hard so why not just focus on that and if eating doughnuts helps you cope so be it!


No mum should be made to feel like she isn’t good enough because she doesn’t look the way she did after a baby. No mum. Ever. The fact that society thinks mums should just shows how fucked up we are when it comes to what we think is beautiful. To me, every mum is beautiful. Every lump, bump, stretch mark and extra pound is beautiful. The way they smile at their babies, hold them, care for them, nurture them, protect them. That right there is true beauty.


So if you’ve been worrying about or struggling with getting your pre-baby body back stop it. Just stop. It’s not possible so don’t get hung up on it. Instead focus on loving your post-baby body because it’s more amazing than your pre-baby body ever was. If you don’t know how you can read this post on 7 ways to make peace with your post-baby body. You can also sign up for my 5 day learn to love your post-baby body challenge and start your body positivity journey today!