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What is How to feel sexy in big knickers?

If you are a new mum (or seasoned pro!) then big knickers are probably a staple item in your wardrobe (and if not, they should be!).

But it’s hard to feel sexy in them and often, we don’t really appreciate that this isn’t our fault. There is so much pressure on new mums to get back to their pre-baby body nowadays.

We’re bombarded with messages from every which way about how we can lose weight; how we can get fit (read slim and a 6 pack) and how other mums have managed to do it so we should too. It’s relentless and toxic.

Having a baby changes your body. And sometimes it doesn’t quite go back the way it was. That’s OK. It’s normal. The problem comes when we are made to feel that it should. That we should be able to get straight back in our pre-baby clothes or look the way we did before baby (or better!).

Being happy with your post-baby body is hard but luckily, I’m aiming to change all that!

How to feel sexy in big knickers is everything you need to learn to love your post baby body. I offer coaching, an online programme and hints, tips and inspiration on social media. If you hate your body I know what you are going through and can help you get back to feeling fab about yourself.

Who am I?

As you might expect, I’m a mum of three. I’m also a recovered anorexic so believe me, body issues are something I know A LOT about.

Pregnancy and a post-baby body have been a real struggle for me. I felt really low about the weight gain and body changes both during and after each of my pregnancies. So I know exactly how it feels to hate your post-baby body!

Having recently had my third child I found myself in a position where the baby weight wouldn’t shift. And for a while it felt almost impossible to handle. I hated myself and my body. I couldn’t bring myself to look in the mirror or bother with my appearance. I’d cover up with baggy clothes and hadn’t been near a pair of jeans in months.

Eventually I realised that whilst the baby weight might still come off, I wasn’t prepared to spend the months (or years) ahead being, well, fucking miserable about myself. I wanted to find a way to embrace my post baby body. Weight gain, stretch marks and saggy tummy included!

Luckily I am a coach and NLP trained so I decided it was time to use all of my skills, knowledge and experience to start to feel great about myself. I found myself digging deep to understand exactly what was behind my lack of self confidence. I did the hard work of tracking back through my past to find out just where all those little knocks and criticisms had come from. And I researched ways in which I could change my mindset to be positive, accepting and loving of my body.

And it worked!! I learnt how to shift my negative beliefs, love my body and get my confidence back. All of which has inspired me to help women who are feeling as miserable as I was about myself.

How can I help you?

As a Body Positive Coach, I work with mum’s to help them feel amazing about their post baby bodies. Having been through the journey myself I know how hard it can be so I love providing all the support they need to understand where their negative beliefs have come from and change their mindset to feel positive, confident and yes, sexy in big knickers!

You can get help in a number of ways. You can join the community (find me on Facebook here or check out the social media links on the side!) so that you can get hints, tips and inspiration you need.

And if you want a safe place for you to talk about how you feel about your post-baby body then join my confidential Facebook group too.

You can also download my free mini-guide on how to feel sexy in big knickers here or sign up for the 30 day programme straight away and find everything you need to change your mindset and feel amazing about yourself.

Or you can get 1:1 coaching with me, via Skype, so we can work on what is blocking you from feeling good and get right to the root of any body image problems so you can find the ways that will work for you to help you build confidence, feel positive and be sure that you feel sexy in big knickers!

What about the important bit?

If you’re thinking of getting coaching with me then you probably want to know how I’m qualified to help you.

So, let’s start with the simple stuff. I’m a qualified Life and Relationship coach (seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people do this without the right training!).

I’ve also got training in NLP (that’s neurolinguistic programming for those of you not in the know) which means I can help you change those pesky negative thought patterns and behaviours into something more positive.

I’m accredited as a member with both the Association For Coaching and the Association For Neuro Linguistic Programming (sounds like a cult…) so you can be sure that I’ve been vetted and approved as someone who actually knows what they are doing.

I have a post graduate certificate in Individuals and Couples psychodynamic psychotherapy, a certificate in counselling skills and in a previous career I was a fully qualified accountant with a masters degree in finance (not totally relevant I know but it makes me look smart). Also I trained for a year as a mental health nurse – an eye opening experience to say the least!

And if my professional qualifications aren’t enough to convince you it’s worth working with me then remember that I’ve also been a mum for over 10 years and have been through the whole spectrum of feelings about my post baby body – from the good to the downright awful! You can be sure that you’ll get the support and encouragment you need from me so why not give it a go?

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